What We Do

We are fermenters by trade who make our own sauerkrauts, condiments, kefir sodas, kombucha drinks and more!

Flavor and Nutrition

While focused on proper nutrition and natural simple flavors, Fermenti Artisan emphasizes the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your food. Realizing where it comes from, and what it does to your body, is the first step in the process. Specializing in local, organic, and nutrient-dense foods, sourced directly from family farms, Fermenti Artisan’s traditionally crafted, cultured vegetables and beverages highlight the importance of gastro health.

Local and Organic

As the demand for local, organic and preservative-free food rises in Indianapolis, so does the demand for Fermenti Artisan. In recent years, the organic and local food movement has spread, and has now found a permanent seat at the tables of Indiana residents. We are seeing a growing emphasis being placed on properly prepared nutrient-dense foods. Fermenti Artisan’s passion, focus & execution are based around these principles.

Indiana Artisan

Our Sauerkraut, Garden Kraut, Kim-Chi, Ramp Kraut, Curtido and Apple Ginger Kraut are all certified as an Indiana Artisan food. Indiana Artisan is a juried organization which tastes samples of the product to judge quality and authenticy. The designation is only awarded to products that are deemed to be of high quality and representative of the best that Indiana has to offer. We are very proud of the honor. Our variety of seasonal ferments extends into pickles, and other flavors of kraut.


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Sweet Beet

Turmeric Onion


Basic Facts About Our Product

  • We get regular questions from customers about the nutritional content of our products. As a small business, we are exempt from FDA nutrition labeling requirements, so we do not have the calories, carbs and sodium per serving to provide for you.

  • We can tell you, however, that we use, as an ingredient, 1.5 ounces of unrefined sea salt (sea minerals) for every 5 pounds of vegetables in our krauts. This equates to less than 2% salt by weight, of which not all will be sodium, and much of which gets discarded after fermentation in our run-off brine (used to make mustard and spicy tonics).

  • Most of the carbohydrates in our krauts will be complex polysaccharides and fiber, as the majority of sugars and simple starches will have been digested by the bacteria during fermentation. Most of the sweetness in the krauts comes from mannitol, a low-glycemic sugar alcohol that is undigestible by yeasts, and any residual sugars and starches beyond that will have been predigested into simpler sugars that are easier on the body.

  • As far as the calories go, even the nutrition labeling analysis would be inaccurate, as the process used for that only takes into account the raw ingredients going into the food product. Add to that, the process of fermentation increases Vitamin C and Vitamin B content and makes the content of minerals more bio-available. In general, it does not account for what various processes may do to effect the calorie content in some foods. In raw fermented vegetables, many of the sugars and starches have been converted into lactic acid and other beneficial compounds during fermentation. Also, when eaten raw, fermented vegetables provide the body with beneficial microorganisms and digestive enzymes that help you more efficiently utilize the food product and whatever else you are eating with it.

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Where to Buy

Check out where to buy Fermenti Artisan near you!

Indianapolis and Surrounding

  • Fermenti Artisan at the Indianapolis City Market
  • Force Barbell Fishers
  • Franklin Cornucopia
  • Georgetwo Market
  • The Good Earth
  • Green Bean Delivery
  • Harvestland Farm Anderson
  • Joe's Butcher Shop Carmer
  • Market District Carmel
  • Myer's Market Greencastle
  • Pogue's Run Grocer
  • R2GO Chatham Arch
  • Rail Epicurean Market Westfield
  • Real Food Shoppe Plainfield
  • Tasteful Times Fishers
  • Trader's Point Creamery Farm Store
  • Wellness Origin Carmel
  • Whole Foods Market Carmel
  • Whole Foods Market Nora
  • Wildwood Market Fountain Square

Northern Indiana

  • Charcuterie Griffith
  • Light Rail Cafe Winona Lake
  • Whole Foods Market Mishawaka
  • Whole Foods Market Schererville

Lafayette, IN

  • City Foods
  • Silverthorn Farm Rossville

Muncie, IN

  • The Downtown Farmstead
  • Lahody Meats

Bloomington, IN

  • Bloomingfoods East
  • Bloomingfoods West
  • Bloomingfoods Elm Heights

Terre Haute

  • Baesler's Market

Southern Indiana

  • Lost River Market & Deli Paoli
  • Rainbow Blossom New Albany Market


  • Amish Healthy Foods Ukranian Village Chicago
  • Common Grounds Foods Co-op Urbana
  • Dill Pickle Food Co-op Logan Square Chicago
  • Eataly Downtown Chicago
  • New Leaf Natural Grocery Edgewater Chicago
  • Nourished By Nature Buyer's Club Chicago
  • Plum Market Old Town Chicago
  • Provenance Logan Square Chicago


  • Heartland Whole Life Elizabethtown
  • Heartland Whole Life Elizabethtown
  • Louisville Whole Life Buyer's Club
  • Rainbow Blossom Highlands Market Louisville
  • Rainbow Blossom St. Matthews Market Louisville

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